Monday, August 24, 2009

Cedar River Cellars Crush Pad

I am totally stoked that Cedar River Cellars crush pad equipment arrived today. Our Crusher-Destemmer and Bladder Press arrived from Italy and Germany respectively. Even though we tried like hell to find local used equipment in good condition, and in the form factor that we need as a nano-winery, we just had to buy new and from over-seas. Making wine is a global adventure, and we know that sometimes you have to buy from the old world, but we do continue to strive to use local PNW vendors.

Here are a couple of pix...

Cedar River Cellars Press And Destemmer

Cedar River Cellars Crusher-Destemmer

Cedar River Cellars Bladder Press

As you can see, these are not 10 Ton an hour pieces of equipment, and we are only planning to do about 4 Ton of grapes this year. I am happy with the small size and having to do a little more work to get this crush off successfully.


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