Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wine is a Buzz

I have never been one to be influenced by wine scores. I like to just drink wine and explore as much as I can with local wineries and shops. I do try recommendations from friends, family, and the occasional wine blogger or local wine writers. However, this damn 2006 Royal City Syrah from Charles Smith is getting all of this buzz. Perfect! some say...alright..almost everyone. OK, just like a stock tip from Jim Cramer, I am late to the game. Where the hell do you get this wine?

Our, Cedar River Cellars, beloved owner Heather (Freeland) Nasarow is from Sandpoint, Idaho and we venture out there quite a bit for holidays, parties, and special occasions..and to see the in-laws.

Where am I going with this? This week on a "date night" we went to a Sandpoint restaurant to have some cocktails and appz. As I looked over the wine list, I saw the 2006 Royal City Syrah. After some chit-chat with the bar-keep, I asked if there were any bottles left? She looked and said "Four". I said, "I will take two of them, please."

Why not all four? I have not had this wine..I may not like I still have Christmas presents to buy. Seriously..from what I can I not like this wine. Also, for those of you reading this man this dude got raked over the coals with the restaurant mark-up. Well No. I got a very good price. And there are two left for someone else to enjoy.

So, did I open one of the wines? No...not yet. That is for another posting. :-) But I do plan on drinking this wine real soon.

Who knows, maybe in the future I may be sipping Cedar River Cellars Syrah along with Charles Smith comparing flavor and aroma profiles and say "Yo dude..I have a 2006 Royal City Syrah in my cellar..hold on let me go get it."