Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wine World Wow-House

We did a wine tasting event at Wine World Warehouse yesterday March 26th, 2011. I thought it was quite successful for being in a new time slot for WWW (6-8pm). Our event was only the 4th event in that time slot and we were the only winery pouring. The store itself poured a selection of Argentinian wine. As similar to our other CRC tastings thus far, all of our wines were very well received. I loved hearing from patrons whom would say, "This is really good wine." And I would say, "Your are drinking our rookie vintage." The expression on their face would change and they would say, "Your kidding me?!?" Then I would relay the information that we have been making amateur wine for 7 vintages-ish and now pro for 2 vintages.

Since WWW opened in December 2010, we have wanted to visit, but making time has been difficult with our schedule. Needless to say, now that I have been there..I am sold..and will become my go-to-place. I cannot stress enough how much we preach to "Drink Local". Support the small Washington business and wineries. Support the larger ones as well, be worldly and broaden your palate with the Euros, but think Washington wines first. And WWW is the place to go for Washington wine. I also encourge to buy direct from the wineries as much as possible as well.

I would like to also say that it was very, very, reassuring to have good feedback from Lenny of WWW and Marc of Cordon Selections Distributors. These dudes taste and eval 1000's of wines and they did not just sip, spit, give a nod, and walk-off. They gave valuable feedback, and were genuinely impressed with the wine. I say cheers to both of them!

Finally, I worry about the Eastside traffic to Wine World Warehouse when the 520 Bridge Toll goes into effect. We took 520 over yesterday, but we also could have gone I-90. I have no idea how the toll will effect Seattle business, but hopefully there is not a total alienation from the Eastside.